• Requirements for Security Guard Training

Requirements for Security Guard Training

about-widget-imgSecurity guards can help you protect your property from a wide range of potential threats. In order to truly meet the requirements of the job, however, a security guard must receive the proper training. Use this guide to learn more about security guard training so you know what to look for the next time you need to hire someone to protect your property:

In-Depth Legal Training

It is very important that a security guard knows and understands local laws so he or she can follow them on the job. During security guard training, each candidate goes through in-depth legal training. The legal part of the training lets a future guard know the extent of his or her responsibilities.

Force Training

There might be situations in which a security guard must detain a suspect. If this happens, the guard must know the safest and most effective way to do it. During a training course, a security guard will learn how to use an appropriate amount of force when necessary. The security guard must also learn some defense tactics that he or she might need to use during certain altercations.

Firearms Training

Security guards that are in charge of protecting important or vulnerable properties might need to hold firearms. These guards must first complete firearms training before they are qualified to carry a weapon. If you need to hire a security guard that carries a firearm, it is essential to make sure they have received this training.

First Aid Training

Security guards who patrol properties with a lot of people should also receive first aid training. This allows them to act as first responders until emergency services can arrive at the scene.

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March 5, 2015