• Services Available with A-Team Security

Services Available with A-Team Security

accessA-Team Security & Event Services, Inc. has a wide range of services to meet your every security need. Learn more here about these services and how they can help you protect your property:

Security Guards

Whether you need someone to patrol your property all day every day or someone to check on the building after everyone goes home for the day, we can help. We hire responsible security guards that have the necessary knowledge and skills to keep your property safe from intruders and other issues. Our guards offer you the patrol services that you need to keep your property safe. We can also provide personal guards to offer executive protection services.

Access Control and Intelligent Verified Response

We can also give you the help you need to monitor who enters and leaves your property and utilize intelligent verified response services to optimize security on your property. Using a combination of qualified guards and high-tech cameras and thermal imaging technology, we make it easy to monitor your property and prevent any unnecessary incidents.

Security Consulting

If you want to figure out how to enhance security on your property, we can help. Our security experts are here to talk to you about the best way to keep an area secure and how to improve your current security efforts.

Event Staffing Services

We can even help you get the staff you need for special events. We can provide staff for anything from a small birthday party to a huge concert to ensure that your event is safe. Not only do we provide security guards, but we also have ticket takers, crowd management, ushering, and guest services.

No matter what kind of security services you need, A-Team Security & Event Services, Inc. is here to ensure that you have it. Our services offer the added security you need for anything from an office building to a concert. For more information on our services, visit us online or call (520) 306-9551.


March 20, 2015