• What Are the Duties of a Security Guard?

What Are the Duties of a Security Guard?

ThinkstockPhotos-80699825Security guards are an important component of an effective safety and security plan. The main purpose of a security guard is to provide protection or monitoring for a given property or its occupants, whether these services are needed temporarily or on a regular basis. Professional security guards receive comprehensive training in a variety of areas, allowing them to handle many different types of duties.

Site Monitoring

Security guards are often employed to monitor property, employees, or clients. Monitoring may be done in person, such as by standing guard in a single location or making regular patrols, or via a remotely-operated camera system. Security guards receive specialized training to identify and track potential threats; security personnel also learn how to effectively handle any ongoing security issues they uncover, such as fights, vandalism, or theft. Oftentimes, the presence of an onsite security guard is a valuable asset that discourages crime, both among employees and customers.

Public Interaction

In many cases, a security guard’s duties also encompass interacting with the public, either on a daily basis or during special events. Guards who must monitor access to buildings will need to discuss and confirm clearance with those who come and go. Security guards can also act as ticket takers at parties and events, guiding attendees inside and answering common questions or providing directions and instructions as needed.

Emergency Service Coordination

ThinkstockPhotos-122407840In the event that additional assistance is needed, a security guard can quickly assess the situation and contact emergency services, such as police or firefighters. A security guard can also take control during emergencies, clearing out hazardous areas and helping employees, guests, or clients get to safety. Security guards can coordinate with police during investigations, providing details about incidents to achieve a faster resolution.

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April 5, 2015