• Knowing How Shoplifting Impacts Your Small Business

Knowing How Shoplifting Impacts Your Small Business

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When you own a small business, even seemingly small factors can have a huge impact on your success. Keep reading to find out how shoplifting might be affecting your business without your knowledge:

It Lowers Your Profits

When you cannot sell all the inventory that you buy, you do not make as much money as you could. You then have to pay more money to replace the items that were stolen, which might even cause you to lose money. You should implement some security measures to reduce shoplifting before it starts to negatively affect your profits.

It Causes You to Increase Prices

If you have to spend more to get new inventory, you might have to raise your prices to make up for the extra costs. This discourages customers from buying your products, which might hinder your profit margins even more. If you do not want to have to increase prices and potentially lose some customers, it is important to find a way to quell as much shoplifting as you can before it occurs.

It Affects Employee Morale

Dealing with shoplifters can put a serious damper on your employee morale. Constant information about shoplifting might make your employees feel paranoid while they are at work. It might also cause everyone to have a suspicious attitude that could deter customers from shopping in your store. If you want to keep your employee morale high, it is very important to work on ways to reduce shoplifting before it starts to negatively affect the way your store operates.

A-Team Security & Event Services, Inc. can help you decrease shoplifting before it affects your business. We have loss protection services that give you the help you need to keep your merchandise safe from thieves. Form secret shoppers to threat analyses and vulnerability assessments, we help you keep your business and your inventory secure. To learn more about these and other security services in the Tucson area, visit us online or call (520) 306-9551.

June 5, 2015